Sale Exterior Cleaning

Sale Exterior Cleaning is a quality company if you are searching for driveway cleaning Cheshire and Manchester. The company is small and well run, it is a spin off from the long established Sale Fencing and Surfacing Company, which has been laying driveways and putting up fencing since 1969.

This is a company to choose if you require driveway cleaning or any other outdoor surface cleaning in Manchester and Cheshire. Sale Exterior Cleaning also cleans paths, patios, decking and walls. No job is too small or large.

roof and driveway cleaning company in Cheshire and Manchester

Once a driveway has been cleaned, a sealant is added. This protects the surface for many years to come. The sealants used are of the highest quality, ensuring protection from the elements (e.g. ice which can cause cracks) and preventing dirt building up. Some sealants will also prevent moss growth with herbicides.

The surfaces that can be cleaned and sealed include:

  • Block Paving
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  • Concrete Flagstones
  • Standard Pressed Paving
  • Natural Stone slabs, flags and cobbles
  • Tarmac (asphalt)
  • Standard Concrete Surfaces
  • Wood Decking
  • Brick Walls

Different Driveways Need Different Cleaning Techniques

Each surface requires different restoration methods. For example with block paving new kiln dried sand must be placed in between the joints after the cleaning has been completed and dried. It is swept in and a "wacker plate" may also be used to ensure the sand fills the joints. Then a block paving sealer is added to protect the joints from erosion and moss. You can choose a matt or gloss finish for the sealant which will protect the face of the blocks.

For pattern imprinted concrete the surface has a coloured sealant applied afterwards. This allows you to alter the look of your driveway if you desire. The sealer also lasts many years to prevent the need to clean again anytime soon.  

Tarmac also requires a unique product and cleaning method, as does wood decking and any brickwork. Sale Exterior has experience with all surfaces and knows the best methods and products to use to ensure long lasting protection at a fair price.

Most driveways are cleaned within a day and then left to dry for a couple of days (it depends on the weather). Then the sealant is applied and the driveway is usually useable after a further 24 hours. You can expect surfaces to look almost as good as new, most of the time.

Sale Exterior Cleaning Contact Details:

Telephone: 0161 980 8333 or 0787 231 6330
Address: 14 Fairy Lane, Sale, Cheshire, M33 2JT

There is a sample range of before and after photos from previous work all over Manchester and Cheshire at

The company also offers roof cleaning in Cheshire and Manchester. This includes all the correct safety gear, following British safety regulations. Roof tiles are thoroughly cleaned and then protected with roof coating. 

Roof cleaning and coating can be used to transform the look of a house. This is especially impressive when selling your property. Roof sealants can be used to change the colour of the tiles, or to bring out the original colour. The sealants stop dirt sticking so easily in future and prevent moss growth (herbicides).


Sale Exterior Cleaning can re-lay or replace broken or loose paving, bricks and roof tiles. The company is excellent at pointing (grouting) with concrete and they always try to match the existing pointing work. Sunken paving can be lifted to prevent puddles, old slabs or tiles can sometimes be matched up with ones found in a restoration yard.

DIY Cleaning

If you want to clean a roof yourself, forget it. The cost of hiring scaffolding and other safety equipment is too dangerous- leave it to the professionals.

Cleaning driveways, paths and patios can be done more easily. You should buy the best possible pressure washer or steam washer within your price range. Then carefully clean the surface. Be sure to move the nozzle accurately or you will get lines or dirt spots, which can look worse then before.

It is not a good idea to powerwash driveways year after a year. The concrete face will wear off with the high pressure spray which will ruin the look of the surface and also make it rougher, so it will attract dirt quicker.

Instead you need to buy a driveway sealer. Be sure to choose one suitable for your surface and again don't be cheap. It is well worth investing in a quality product to protect your driveway and ensure that restoration is not needed for many years to come.